Mission Place Kindergarten

Here at Mission Place Kindergarten kindness, respect and caring (manaakitanga) underpin everything we do.

We provide a safe, nurturing and fun environment which enables children to develop the interests, knowledge and skills required to become capable, confident and competent life-long learners.

We honour Te Tiriti O Waitangi, respecting Maori as tangata whenua reflecting this partnership in our daily interactions with people, places and things. We prioritise the importance of all children to feel secure in their cultural identity. We believe positive, meaningful relationships with whanau and community (whanaungatanga) are central to enriching children’s holistic well-being and development.

We work to provide an environment that embraces diversity while promoting curiosity, exploration, communication and deeper thinking. We acknowledge Papatūānuku as being essential to developing children’s understanding of their role in caring for our planet while inspiring learning and leadership.

Our teachers reflect deeply on their practice, collaborating their knowledge and participating in regular learning opportunities through professional development.

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Term 1: Tuesday 19th January – Friday 16th April.

Term 2: Monday 3rd May – Tuesday 8th June.

From 8th June 2021 this kindergarten will change to the All Year Model with no further term breaks until the end of the year when we will be closed for Christmas.

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Mission Place Kindergarten

Kindergarten Hours

Mon to Fri 8.30 -2.30

Childcare Fees


Kindergarten Dates

Opening Date
Teacher Day 1
Teacher Day 2
Week Closure
NKA Closure Date 1
NKA Closure Date 2
Closing Date
Term 2
Monday 3rd May to Tuesday 8th June
Term 3
Term 4


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