Bream Bay Kindergarten

Bream Bay Kindergarten is located along the beautiful coast of Bream Bay, located within the township of Ruakaka.

Our programme draws from the interests of the child and is supported by the strengths and passions of the educators, whanau and community surrounding the child.

Teaching and learning is viewed as a collaborative partnership where reciprocal relationships enhance the learning process. We believe that learning is enhanced when children are immersed in an environment which fosters a sense of fun, eager engagement and curiosity in the learning process.

We seek to empower children to make positive life choices and believe it is important to nurture the dimensions of health, physical and emotional well being for children to reach their full potential.

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Bream Bay Kindergarten

Kindergarten Hours

Monday to Friday 8.15am to 2.15pm

Childcare Fees


Kindergarten Dates

Opening Date
Mon 18 Jan
Teacher Day 1
Tues 6 Apr
Teacher Day 2
Fri 24 Dec
Week Closure
Mon 19-Fri 23 Jul
NKA Closure Date 1
Fri 30 Apr
NKA Closure Date 2
Fri 15 Oct
Closing Date
Thurs 23 Dec
Term 2
Term 3
Term 4


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